About us

Who we are:

we are khussa corner we are a khussa design brand that provides handcrafted khussa shoes. We are proud to be a part of the Online Khussa family, an artisanal Online khussa brand based in pakistan.we are also specializes in custom-made khussa design.

We were founded 6 years ago who were looking for a way to combine their love of khussa design and khussa shoes making. we wanted to bring new life to old traditions and create something beautiful from their passion for craftsmanship and community.Our mission is to make the process of khussa design and ordering khussa shoes simple, accessible, and affordable. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to wear comfortable khussa shoes that fit their body perfectly.

We believe in the beauty and power of the human foot, and we want to make sure that your feet are beautiful and comfortable at all times. Because let's face it: no one wants to step out in uncomfortable Khussa shoes, or have to deal with the pain of sore feet. And if you're going somewhere important, like a wedding or job interview, then you deserve a perfect khussa design to look good!